Best Magic Tricks Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

Best Magic Tricks Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

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Do you like magic tricks? Well, we do! It’s an excellent way to prank people.
Here’s our best magic tricks pranks!

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Magic Potion Prank:
Magic Painting Gag:

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec
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Comments (20)

  1. Ivica Preloznjak


  2. Max Molly

    lol on the second magic trick. they all smashed tf out of that hat.

  3. Eddvin Hawkins

    We adore just for laughs gags in Nicaragua

  4. James Taggert

    it`s Limited of how much jokes they can pull off before they get recognized

  5. Jeffrey Jones

    6:20 lol What a reaction!!!

  6. Michelle Damarillo


  7. Abhav Prasad

    best reaction was at 10:30. that ignorant guy almost had a heart attack !!

  8. Eunice Lau


  9. Cosimo De Priori

    siete fantastici

  10. ‫עטרה גלינסקי‬‎

    הקוסם אהבתי מאוד

  11. Eduard Marino

    Witchcraft, terrible force! 🐇

  12. Sylwia Karwasz


  13. Riclene Ovatnila

    I'm from Philippines…. and I love so much watching just for laugh Gags… it makes me laughed all the time… ♡♥♡

  14. Anetka Veselá

    🙂 :)

  15. Nicole Maniego

    and your joking goob job😀😃👑

  16. robaloize

    Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción que sale en el minuto 9:20

  17. kıvanç erakçora

    01:19 -assho*e XDD

  18. winston wang

    Am I the only one believes the girl on 4:42 is Alison Louder? She plays Josh's little sister Emily in the TV show Being Human.

  19. uzeir gamazsi


  20. actingisme

    Who gives up their purse for a magic tric

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