Close Encounters of The Trendy Kind

Close Encounters of The Trendy Kind

Alex Jones has a little fun mocking trendies.

Video: Americans Want Obama to Repeal the Bill of Rights

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Comments (18)

  1. Evan Walsh

    Favourite vid on YT.

  2. Wayne Osmand

    I usually agree with Alex BUT this time he misses the point of many in the so LABELLED GREEN movement! We don't really have heaps of disposable worthless coloured bits of paper "TO DONATE!" However we are very happy living on a really Modest INCOME AND BUDGET STRICTLY SO WE CAN LIVE THE (life we choose!) We own everything we have so we are not puppets to the system, We try not to judge others who make just so many coloured bits of paper so that they can borrow so much MORE of it to sit for hours each day to pay the loan for the car to stay at work in a place you don't like just so your can buy some fuel to drive and waste your hours all the way home each evening to stay in the house the banks lend to you even more coloured pieces of paper to GIVE YOU PERMISSION to live( a very loose term indeed!) While we have no loans no flash car BUT a job where we wake up each morning in a place we adore walk outside to have breakfast with REAL food on the table that we have grown ourselves and then begin doing our chores that we need to do for the day! Having no electricity (SOLAR & Wind only) our cars/tractors etc are not new but paid for and we repair ourselves should the need arrive! We cook with Bio Gas and can guarantee that OUR FOOD IS HEALTHY! Whether its meat ( No we are not all Vegans!) sheep beef pork chicken Turkey Duck geese and fish! So anyone we do see IN NEED we feed them and shelter them as required! If they like what we do and what they see then they are welcome to stay as long as they like to if they are prepared to help out around the place! So we DONT WANT TO BE OR DO NOT WANT TO BE LABBELED AS EXECS, WE ARE JUST REAL PEOPLE who want to be permitted to live OUR lives the way WE CHOOSE! Not harming anyone, THATS FREEDOM!

  3. Wes Blake

    I have had this happen at the grocery store.  Excuse me I do not work here.

  4. Becky Weller-Parks

    This has not been my experience ever..including asking for help at a grocery store. I find folks very happy, talkative & helpful…..I even encounter folks who see you coming & hold the door for you instead of letting it slam in your face! I don't go to the "gym" so I don't know about that…I avoid those situations & people….I only watched 3 minutes & 49 seconds of this video….so cannot comment on what is said after that.

  5. dhul hidscha


  6. Devlins10

    He didn't mock women any more then he bashes men. Get over yourself it's all relative. 

  7. D33Lux


    There's a movie "The Experiment" that show's people who are given power and abuse others during paid test.

  8. chris credit


  9. loveandskills

    I care about you in a friendly way just know that love Samantha <3 If you need a person to chat with i will be more than glad to help or just enjoy a nice chat <3 ! love and hugs Samantha =-D <3 <3 <3 <333!

  10. loveandskills

    I am very sorry that happened to you i feel for you Alex Jones Take Care God Bless And Surround Yourself With Good People And Spend 15 Minutes In Prayer Everyday Because That Helps <3 ! If i was there i would give you a huge hug <3 ! They are very sad people I hope things get better for you love hugs and prayers all good to all more love than you know love S this now and for eternity he he ting ting xo ox xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo x o xox ox xo xoo xoxoxoxoxooxooxox =-D <3 <3 <3 <333!

  11. cgreg Lenfound

    Alex you are the funniest guy the world. You should be a comedian with this bit

  12. Xiavin X

    For all you people who are tired of the trolls go to youtube channel x22report

  13. dyingtodeath

    I believe Alex Jones is right. The collapsing economy will change everything that is accepted now, and change everyone who assumed life would continue as usual.

  14. ladylestranj

    Eric really needs to get a life. lol Blocked again.

  15. Humptydumptytribe

    Would someone please tell me what Alex Jones "produces," other than fear porn?

  16. Dimitri Vincheov (Truth Soldier 56)


  17. MrTibTib1991

    I made a French Onion soup today actually.

  18. TeslasLoveChild

    Fuck, this was Good. It made my day. My day went from fucking shit to bearable after Alex's parody routine.

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