How to wear a scarf around your neck in 15 different ways

How to wear a scarf around your neck in 15 different ways

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In this winter 2012/2013 tutorial I’ll show you 15 different ways to wear a scarf around your neck for women. I hope these styles will help to keep you warm and to change the look of your jumper, sweater, jacket, blazer, suit or a winter coat.
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  1. Neha Sah

    You look sooo pretty…
    i will definitely try all of those ways of wearing a scarf.

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  3. Priyanka Haldar

    Loved it

  4. Shabbir Hussain Ansari

    i loved it

  5. Aneel Kumar

    your hairstyle is nice

  6. Jaishree Tewari

    very beautiful..

  7. nathanael31

    I love it

  8. Dennie2356

    Thank you for this easy and helpful video!

  9. Aris Bogosian

    Excellent demonstration.

  10. Marlene Krahwazi

    I love it.. Thanks :)

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  12. asianiis

    Great video!

  13. Nicolas E Villenguez

    Thanks for sharing….bless you.

  14. Cliff Tucker

    Very well done tutorial…pretty model also.

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  16. Moments In Life

    Hi Lilith! Very creative 🙂 can you please name the music track you used for this video?

  17. Kim JenJen Terner

    I love it!

  18. Komugisa Hasifah

    yo da best nc video keep it up

  19. Nyla Jones

    I love her accent

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