KMS – A Slam Poem

KMS – A Slam Poem

KMS – A Slam Poem

For Sofia:

It’s 2016
Which means
Holds true meaning anymore.
Jokes are just jokes.
Pranks are just pranks.
Laughs are just laughs.
You don’t mean it if it’s just intended to be a joke,
I think.
Suicide is just suicide…
I think.
I mean,
I didn’t mean for them to kill themself and I didn’t mean that I
wanted to kill myself,
I just wanted the other people to laugh!
I think.
Why are you so offended,
It’s not like I actually meant it,
Stop being so salty.
It’s not even your business anyways.
I think.
But is it really just a joke?
And maybe you think I’m being pretentious,
But the girl that doesn’t talks has something to say now.
People PREACH “kill myself” and “kill yourself to the
Kings and the queens of high school
People will do anything
To rank up in their social hierarchy.
Including throwing around kms and kys at each other
For reasons that are irrelevant.
Because we have grown into a spoiled society.
Not having the newest iPhone makes you want to kill yourself?
I doubt it.
Telling a friend to kill themself
Because they were about to tell an embarrassing story about you?
What if they did?
Yeah, it’s a what if,
What if they did?
What if someone around you overheard & has been considering it?
What if that person did it?
But it doesn’t count,
Because you weren’t serious,
And they shouldn’t even have been listening in on your conversation,
Yeah, it might’ve been a joke a the time,
But once it happens will you still be laughing?
Because I’m pretty sure in that situation,
The person with the last laugh won’t be you
And it won’t be the puppets around you laughing too.
It’ll be death with his scythe,
Taking another life.
After it happens, will you still get down on your knees
And beg to the Gods for just one more laugh?
Apparently people do.
Because those same people that walked the same hallways,
And sat in the same classrooms
Still say it
Two years later.
You, the people that toss suicide around like it’s insignificant,
You think I don’t have a voice,
Do you?
But I do.
And this is my time to use it.
Because maybe I’m not trendy or the most popular person,
And maybe I’m just not updated with what’s funny nowadays,
But I’ll never understand what’s so funny about someone else
Taking their own life.
I may be naïve because I’m young, but I do know one thing
And that’s that suicide isn’t a joke,
And it never should’ve been made one in the first place.



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  1. Otaku Blu

    Nice video , too bad that's just how parts of our society works at times. Suicide clearly isn't something to be thrown around so carelessly , especially if it's for the jokes and laughs. 10/10 , would recommend sharing this message.

  2. danandphilcentral

    Holy crap. This is amazing. Loving everything that you do xx

  3. SarahLove Taboo

    Thank you so much.

  4. deadlyhandycap

    Well said. Suicide is most definitely a serious topic. The way you express it puts a perspective on the mind where it causes us to realize the truth. Preach and Be Strong.

  5. MOstyle

    PREEACCH!! <33

  6. Mariah Rojas

    I love this

  7. Nortila Shawme

    Omg. I'm speechless. I love it sooo much😭❤️. Do more!

  8. xm D.

    This is not for me but thank you for doing this. I just wanted to let you know that you helped me a lot. In short school is killing the child but after watching this… it's just better.

  9. Destiny Faith


  10. Cassthebrave


  11. Cassthebrave

    Oh God I love this.

  12. TheFashionNMakeup

    i love this so much!!! god bless this

  13. annaelle


  14. Kayla Kantakusin

    God I love this

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