Prank War 1: Audio Prank

Prank War 1: Audio Prank

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In the initial offense, Streeter tricks Amir into listening to some disturbing music.

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  1. maddog2314

    It didn't even sound like him in the “sex tape” probably ripped off of a random porn vid.

  2. Jesse Pinkman

    Ex girlfriend must've been pretty hyped being in this video^^

  3. Hisham Uddin

    Back when college humour could make me laugh madly , all alone…

  4. Bence Csik

    2008 – when pranks were real and fun

  5. Althea McMinn

    "S…Stacy's… mom..?"

  6. Ryan Brandt


  7. Chazicus

    Who's watching this in 2016?

  8. ZyKryptic

    Streeter's a sav

  9. Aitzaz Mirza

    don't fucking look at me don't fucking look at ne

  10. AntProductions

    yeah that was sex between you and your girlfriend… if it was actually you and your girlfriend it would have gone more like this… "that's not it", oh yeah yeah right there… wait what your done!   :)~~~

  11. meeri

    "stacy's mom…e-e"

  12. multijuggalo1000

    damn, that email must of been important, cause amir was pissed when streeter said he didnt see it

  13. CGagnon5

    I think the real prank here is they got us to listen to almost a minute of this shitty song

  14. Conrad Culligan

    2:15 Traumatized

  15. Cecilia Mejia

    its called role playing ppl. my bf and i do it all the time and makes things fun in the bedroom…you should try it!!!

  16. Will Chambers

    Jesus, was Streeter murdering a hooker?

  17. Nikodem Karkowski

    OMG YOUTUBE ADDED 360p !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG NEXT GEN

  18. sirdeakia


  19. ab amp

    Haha Oh my god poor amir. I cant believe this was in 2008

  20. Michael Hergh


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