What People Will Believe About U.S. History (Prank News Network)

What People Will Believe About U.S. History (Prank News Network)

This 4th celebrate freedom… and the fact that you aren’t any of these people. (Sponsored by Redd’s Wicked Apple)

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Comments (20)

  1. Aleksandra Bator (Post author)

    1:26 he doesn't have to be smart he's pretty

  2. Connor Kime (Post author)

    Some of these people are so stupid

  3. Kevin Noneman (Post author)

    Try this in any other state but Commiefornia, you will get way different results.

  4. MCsupernova 132 (Post author)

    " black cats bursting in air?" i cant even man.. just…

  5. Christoffer113 (Post author)

    They should have said the state was discovered somewhere in the middle of this continent, it would have been much funnier to see him agree with that.

  6. Cardinal Cora (Post author)

    Calaska sounds like an avian sex organ and the dude at 1:27 is some kind of god

  7. Conner Broeker (Post author)

    This isn't really history. The government doing weird stuff happens all the time. You should have made up history questions about things that happened farther in the past

  8. Derrick Still (Post author)

    im wondering how many people they cut out that didnt believe these things

  9. Phil9874 (Post author)

    if you are native to the united states as a united states citizen I would expect at the bare minimum to know what the revolutionary war was and the time period when our country was founded as well as who george washington is as well as the number of states the country has

  10. Cyndasaur (Post author)

    there's no fucking way these are real people

  11. Umbellical Chick (Post author)

    The fireworks and hotdog thing aren't really historical. They're just dumb ideas that aren't entirely implausible.

  12. Sadreli M (Post author)

    looks like the guy at 1:27 is saying that and thinking "Ima get laid for being so sensitive" and when he's done he looks at her like did she buy it?

  13. Sadreli M (Post author)

    This videos starts with the first guy calling them out for this being lame…..idk if i can watch the rest without cringing

  14. JXRG.E (Post author)

    white people are so stupid and proud of this shit country. except that long hair gut, hes hot, hope hes gay

  15. chewbactimusprime (Post author)

    Actually there were bombs bursting in air. The british were firing rockets at the americans; rockets meant to burn shit down more than blow it up. Those big fireworks your town sets off every 4th of July? That's what they're emulating. At any rate, you know how accurate bottle are when it comes to hitting a specific thing, same problem back then..

  16. Matthew Askari (Post author)

    Lol I personally would fall for this being real news because there are so many crazy people in this world you can never tell what's going on.

  17. Mattattackgames (Post author)

    sigh these people sound like idiots.

  18. Chixago (Post author)

    "Change it because bombs burst on the ground" did anyone else just randomly start laughing? 😂😂😂

  19. Austin Haskell (Post author)

    Holy shit you all suck at being people in a democracy. They all belong as subjects not citizens because obviously they dont like the responsibility that true citizenship comes with

  20. HeroPowerKid (Post author)

    Some people don't deserve to live.

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